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The Meadowlark
Shakespeare Players  

      We, Meadowlark Shakespeare Players, are the latest generation of the Shakespeare & Performance MFA company at Mary Baldwin University. Throughout our 2023-2024 season, we will produce works in Staunton that are free and open to the public, as well as touring productions and educational workshops for students of all ages.

      Through special attention to spectacle, music, and design, we strive to make excellent, engaging, and inviting art for both ourselves and our audiences. By using genderfluid casting and highlighting queer and feminist narratives, we create theatre that converses with the early modern canon while welcoming a plurality of modern voices onstage. Our community partners help to bring our shows to life through unique artisanal contributions that showcase and celebrate a variety of local talent.

      We make this theatre to deepen the roots of the Shakespeare & Performance program in the broader Staunton community, creating a precedent of both environmental and social sustainability for future MBU theatremakers. Our work is eclectic yet communal, intimate yet spectacular: past, present and future.

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